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Born in Da Nang, Vietnam, raised in Houston, Texas. Fell in love in Lansing, Michigan, opened 102 Pho & Banh Mi in Okemos, Michigan. Moving from Houston Texas to Lansing Michigan, we couldn’t help but bring our favorite Cajun crawfish and seafood boil recipe with us. Come and try what is considered today, one of the most iconic food when it comes to Southern cooking.

Cooking is a passion!

A passion of a son who bakes and his mother-in-law who cooks. Together, they brought that very passion to 102.

We treat our customers like guests in our house, and serving the very dish and recipe we cook for our family.

Our philosophy is simple. Do not cut corners. Accept no substitute. 

Same home-cooking recipe.

Same traditional taste.

That's the 102 difference.

Without passion, it's just food.

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